Give Her Chocolate

“My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts.” – Sofia Vergara

Girl, I HEAR ya. But, it sure looks like those desserts do no damage to that flawless chica.

A few years back, my friend Natalie gave me the cutest (and truest) little book when she came down to visit in Charleston.

 There’s even chocolate stains on here. *sigh*

Here’s a couple so you get the idea…

But, seriously.

The good ole days.

Lately, I’ve been trying out all sorts of new ways to have chocolate.  Hey, if it’s going to become an every day thing, it’s better if I don’t head to Dairy Queen every day, right?

Destiny allowed me to stumble upon The Vedge‘s recipe for Raw Caramel Brownie Slice.

Here’s her perfect picture of the finished product:

Brownie Slice

Few things to note:

  1. I didn’t have a square pan that was the correct size so I opted for a circular pan. Which made me immediately feel like this was a vegan cheesecake / pie instead of a brownie.
  2. I didn’t have mesquite powder.  The recipe only called for 1 tbsp and after doing my research I figured it shouldn’t alter the recipe too much. The recipe also suggested adding 1 tbsp of lucuma powder and I left that out as well.

I had taste tested all three layers as I made the this triple decker just to ensure everything was coming out ok.  Wouldn’t want to add ’em on if something was off. All three had the seal of approval and I was excited to try the final product.  I put it in the freezer, as suggested, and then headed to bed shortly after.

The next morning, I didn’t want to neglect my “beautiful creation” that was waiting for me, so I figured I would try a bite and take a picture. Somehow, I couldn’t get the perfect looking slice for a photo and had to keep slicing off another little piece and another little piece to try and get the perfect pic. Since I couldn’t let those bites go to waste I made sure to eat those too.  Needless to say, I never got a photo that I was obsessed with, so this is what we’re working with.

Sometimes, you just gotta eat straight outta the pan.

I can’t decide if I like it best straight from the freezer or after it softens up a bit. When it’s straight from the freezer it makes me think of ice cream cake. If it’s left out for a bit or from the fridge it reminds me of the vegan cheesecake I used to get at Puree in Charleston. Either way, I love it. I wouldn’t say that the caramel flavor overall is SUPER caramely (I’m making that a word), but the three layers each compliment each other so well and give you the most delightful treat.

We won’t talk about how much of this I’ve eaten over the past two days.  Luckily, my Mom came over yesterday to bring me some stuff (and we went to Luna’s – she had never been) so I sent her home with some of it too 🙂


Aloha, ALOHA


Like a lot of things in my life, I stumbled upon ALOHA by accident. In the past decade or so, a lot of these finds have been from a click, another click, another click and another… before I know I’m lost in the lovely world wide web. This particular find came from an @aloha tweet promoting their free trial. Up until very recently, I rarely ordered anything off the Internet, but was looking for something new to start my day and after doing some browsing around ALOHA’s website, I figured why not. And hey, you can’t beat free.

The initial trial I ordered was two pouches of each of the three blends – Original Blend, Chocolate and Berry. The packaging reads “The Daily Good – The World’s Finest Dried Green Juice” and “Energizes, Boosts Immune System, Detoxifies & Hydrates”. All of them share the same base of 14 superfoods. You can read all about the ingredients on their website.

Since November 2nd, there were three different days in which I didn’t start my day off with the Daily Greens – other than that, I have had it every morning for the past two and half months. I’ve added it to a variety of beverages and by ordering the Blend Box (mix of all three blends) there’s plenty of options so my taste buds don’t get bored. Needless to say, the Vitamix I got for Christmas is getting plenty of use… at least in the morning. Might I also add, that I also cut out my daily caffeine on November 2nd as well.

My go to is often 10 oz Chocolate Almond Milk, Daily Good Greens Chocolate Blend, 1 Banana and a few ice cubes. I’ve mixed the Berry Blend with all sorts of fruit combinations – banana, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pineapple and some vanilla or plain almond milk. When I’m traveling and don’t have access to my Vitamix, I’ve added the Berry Blend to orange juice or oatmeal and the Chocolate Blend to hot chocolate. There’s all sorts of recipes on their website if you’re ever at a lost for what to mix it with.

I’ve also tried the Premium Protein Powder, which I really like. It’s a plant based superfood protein powder that comes in Vanilla and Chocolate. My diet already contains quite a bit of protein, but have opted to add some of the Chocolate Protein Powder to my morning smoothie/concoction on occasion. Head over to their website to read more about the Protein Powder, The Foundation (a daily nutrient pack) and their latest addition – the Superfood Chocolate bar.

They have a great option called The Discovery Kit. It contains 3 Daily Good Greens, 2 Premium Protein, 2 The Foundation and 1 Superfood Chocolate bar for $29.

There’s also a few different options for a free trial. If you use this link: https://aloha.com/home?invite=HKj5Se9kKco you will also get a $20 credit. Hey, you may get hooked after your free trial and realize you want to order more. If you don’t want to order anything else, it’s easy to pause or cancel your subscription. There’s lots of different options for how frequently you would receive a shipment and what combinations of products would work best for you. When you click the link a pop up should come up that looks like this:

ALOHA Screenshot

Want to know more? I’m here to answer your questions!