Dine, Play

When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That’s amore

I woke up from a little nap today and immediately called my Mom to let her know I had a really intense dream…about Papa Gino’s pizza.

Clarissa speaks the truth.

What a disappointment since the closest Papa Gino’s is 13 hours away. Hopefully, I’m not the only one that has dreams about food…

Speaking of food, I went to Trader Joe’s today to grab a few things. Obviously you can’t just grab a few things in there, but at least my intentions are always good. I picked up three of the new items and one item I had never noticed before.


I threw the pizza in my shopping cart because it reminded me of one of my best friends from home, Ashley.  When Randall and I went to her and her husband’s house for dinner when we visited this was similar to one of the pizzas she made us.  Obviously her pizza was better, but this wasn’t too bad for a frozen pizza. I already sampled the Toffee Chips – mainly because I have no self control.  They were good, but would be better mashed up on some ice cream or gelato.  Speaking of gelato, I added HannahMax Baking Cookie Chips to some Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato the other night and it totally rocked my world. The Margarita Mix is not a new product, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to have around the house…just in case.  I’ve never had it before, so I’ll report back in once I give it a try.  I figured the Super Seed Blend would balance out my three other purchases.

They had free samples of their Portabella Mushroom Fries that were dipped in Sriracha Ranch dressing. Both products also new. They ran out of the Sriracha dressing (to purchase) and I was pretty close to shedding a tear. WHAT a tease. The dressing had much more of a kick than I anticipated.  I was already dreaming of what I was going to put it on, so when I found out they were temporarily out I definitely went into the next aisle to pout.

I recently discovered that there is a place across the street from where I work that has kiddie cones. This was the best/worst discovery I’ve had in a while.


I’ve been dying to get back down to Charleston lately so this just felt right.

What else has been going on? We went to Straight Outta Compton. Great movie. Didn’t claim to be a super fan before or after going. It was great to learn more about the lives of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren and the impact they had on hiphop.

The day after that I led a ten hour training so decided it was time for a little Mexican.


The next day, I had a freak out moment and dyed my own hair… To all my hair stylist friends, I already know what you’re thinking – I’m sorry. Sort of.


Hey girl.

My parents decided to come into town last night, so we went out for sushi and some drinks.  I just can’t get enough of Moscow Mules.


It’s not just because of the copper mug, I promise.

This was at Chicora Alley in Downtown Greenville.  There were two highlights of my night that I need to share with you all:

There was a couple that came in that danced up a storm. I would say the girl was in her late 30’s / early 40’s and the guy had at least 10 years on her. The lady made me think of Olivia Newton John in Grease when she reveals her madeover self for the first time. She was wearing this tight LBD and boots. The guy….well picture this but 20 years older:

Secondly, I guess the couple really did dance up a storm… Once we decided to leave we were welcomed by some rain drops. Then came the lightning in the distance. Before we knew it the thunder started rolling. We started to power walk in the direction we needed to go. The quicker we walked the quicker the rain started to come down. My Dad and I ended up having my Mom stay under a covered area and we would go get my car. Of course I had my highest wedges on possible.  Instead of breaking my ankle, I decided to take them off and we started to run in the rain. Looking back, it sounds a little silly…but it was actually really cool.  Maybe I need to run in the rain more often. Sometimes, it’s those little memories in time that really stick with you. I noticed my heel was feeling a little funny once I got home.  Come to find out, I had stepped in some glass.  Way to ruin the cool memory 😉

After taking class and teaching Breaking Down the Barre this morning I went back Downtown to meet my parents for brunch before they went back to Charlotte.  I don’t know what I was thinking but I ordered the Chicora Grand Slam (yes, we brunched at the same place we drank at last night).  The Grand Slam had bacon, eggs, cheese grits, hashbrowns and biscuits with gravy.  I barely put a dent in the grits and definitely didn’t finish it all.  Maybe that’s what triggered my nap later on in the day.

After eating, I decided to go get my nails done before it was too late.  Every time I get a gel manicure, I end up peeling the polish off and basically destroying my nails.  If I waited one more day, it just might be too late.  I got my nails done over three weeks ago and they had no chips and still looked pretty good.  They were just growing out a bit so a good portion of my nail beds were showing.  The place I went to last time was closed so I stopped by a different one a little closer to my house.  I always love a freshly done manicure, but for some reason I’m particularly obsessed with this one.


OPI Bubble Bath. 

Oh and before I go…

How was your weekend? What are your favorite Trader Joe products? Favorite nail color?