Cookie Monster

I’ve made a lot of great choices since The 30 Clean ended and a lot of choices that were not so great. Between heading home for my Papa’s funeral, apartment hunting and wanting to “reintroduce” certain foods back in I’ve kind of been a hot mess.

I’ve decided that on Monday, the day after Easter, I would get back on track. I don’t plan on eating foods that are 30 Clean compliant 100% of the time, but want to aim for 70-80% of the foods to be pretty close. Very veggie heavy, lean proteins, fruit, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. I’ve already started experimenting with making my own desserts to avoid buying stuff from stores and restaurants that will be loaded with too much sugar and a whole lot of other stuff that I want to cut out.

I loved the Avocado Cookies that were feautured on Pure Barre’s blog and the Chocolate Brownie Bites from Our Paleo Life.

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to google “Best Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies”. Y’all this is so me:

…I came across Livin’ Paleo’s “Best Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve Ever Made” post. I had all the ingredients. Boom. Correction, I didn’t have almond flour, but had almond meal and figured I’d give it a try.

She’s not kidding when she said that they would spread out when cooking. Make sure you make 12. I only made 9 and I now have something that looks like a cookie cake. Hey, I’m not complaining. These cookies don’t need to impress anyone.

CookieDo I like them? Of course I do.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! ❤