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Stay Grateful, Not Hateful

“Keep a grateful journal. Every night, list five things that happened this day that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life. If you can learn to focus on what you have, you will always see that the universe is abundant; you will have more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

I read this earlier in the day and it kept popping up into my head throughout the day. I like to think that I’m pretty grateful and let people know how much I appreciate them. However, sometimes it’s hard not to get caught up in my everyday hustle and bustle…and just like that another day is coming to an end.

As today comes to a close, I’ve decided that I am going to start keeping an (electronic) Grateful Journal. That way it can sync on my phone and computer giving me no reason why I can’t finish each day with five reasons that I should be filled with gratitude.

I figured I would share my first 5 with you all:

  1. My compact car and awesome brakes: I was inches away from getting in a car accident today. Traffic went from 65 mph to almost a complete stop in the matter of seconds.
  2. The Missy Elliott Pandora Station: Enough said.
  3. “Best EVER Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies” from Chelsea’s Messy Apron that I made tonight: Hey, I need to get some sugar in before The 30 Clean starts in 19 days!
  4. 32 Things You Should Be Grateful For: Sometimes you really need to get back to life’s basics and appreciate the little things.
  5. Hugs: Some people aren’t “huggers”, but I really think hugs are underrated. What’s better than a hug after a long day or when you’re just really feeling a little down?!

HugsBoy Meets World Fan for Life.

Hugs 2#ByeFelicia

Hugs 3We all need somebody to lean onnnnnn…

Hug 4Oh, come here you.

What about you – do you take enough time to think of all the things that you’re grateful for? Do you like the idea of writing down five things everyday?