About Me

Welcome to Northern Produced, Southern Seduced. Northern born and then made my way down South for a little over 11 years. I’ve always enjoyed sharing favorite products, quotes, restaurant recommendations and photos and figured it was time to put everything all in one place. You’ll find a little bit of food, fitness and an assortment of my favorite things…along with any other fun stuff I encounter and decide to share.

I grew up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Right before I turned 19, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I lived from 2005-2010.  In October 2010, I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where I stayed for a little under three years.  I found my way back to Charlotte in 2013 and stayed put for almost two years.  In April 2015, I headed an hour and a half southwest of Charlotte to Greenville, South Carolina. As of early November 2016,  I am back in Rhode Island after calling the Carolinas home for over a decade!

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