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Getting back in a groove after taking six days off really gave me a run for my money. 🥴

And right around the corner, we’re starting a whole new chapter with pre-k, fall sports and more. 📚⚽️⚾️

Today, I did a virtual workout with some pretty special people, and I surprised myself, in a good way, at what I’m capable of from both a mental and physical aspect. 💪🏼😅

These days, my workouts are often 30 minutes or less, usually interrupted and done at home, which is most definitely not preferred. However, given what a “typical” day with Braylon and Emeryn entails… that offers some next level “working out” 🥵

BUT, (isn’t there always a but) I wouldn’t be able to do half (or more) of what I do if it weren’t for what I’ve become capable of overtime by making time to move in a way that essentially provides me to be training for a better quality of life. 🙏🏼

Here’s to showing up, keeping it real and being inspired by so many people in my life… and if I’m lucky, maybe inspiring a few.

Oh, and remembering to breathe. 🧘🏻‍♀️

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