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Welcome to the World, Emeryn Sienna!


Pregnancy is wild. Birth is wild. Motherhood is wild. 

Not to say that whatever adventures that you embark on in this crazy beautiful thing that we call life aren’t wild, I’m just currently spending just about every waking and sleeping minute with these things on my mind.

All along, I had it in my head that I would not go the full 40 weeks.  I had Braylon at 37 weeks, and was convinced that his little buddy would show up right around the same time OR on his birthday, 3/26 (which I was really hoping wouldn’t happen)

I waited a little longer than I probably should have the first time around, but I credited that to being a beginner.  I thought for sure, I would do better this time, but of course that didn’t happen.  In my “defense” things really did escalate kind of quickly! 

I woke up on 3/14 around 5am and something told me that “today was the day”. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for what felt like forever, but this one felt a little different. 

Mondays always feel a little hectic work wise, but I got on another level and was like, “oh, no, this is REALLY happening” I feel like I sent about a million emails that day and the whole day was a blur… especially afterwards, once I realized that I was working during labor. 

Around 6:45pm, I put Braylon in the bath and started to time the contractions on the app (this is SO helpful btw) that I used last time. 

At some point, while he was in the bath, I completely lost it.  I looked at him, and I was just so overcome by emotions (and probably hormones) and realized he’s not my little baby anymore. Also, I think it finally hit me that baby girl was going to be joining us by the end of the night or at least by  the next day.

In short, and without oversharing more than anyone probably cares to hear, we got to the hospital a little after 9:30pm, and Emeryn joined us less than an hour after arriving. 

I had planned on getting an epidural, but I was already fully dilated when I arrived and it was GO time.  

I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful staff at the hospital, and also for the fact that I was able to do Pure Barre and 305 regularly throughout my entire pregnancy.  Having done the Pre+Postnatal Coaching certification through Girls Gone Strong also took my knowledge to a different level, and I really felt like I had been training, both mentally and physically, for the big day! 

Leaving the hospital on 3/16/22

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