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20TIMinutes was founded, and is hosted by my friend, Tim McCarthy, and is a podcast that focuses on mental health with a sense or humor. 🧠😄

It airs every Tuesday on all major podcasting apps. 🗣

Each week, Tim has a different person do his introduction. A few weeks back, he asked if I would be interested, and I obviously say, “yes!”

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, that Braylon was also interested in being involved. You can check out just some of the outtakes below.

Battling to be the center of attention.

I was going through old photos on my phone, and I stumbled upon this one from December 2014. 🗓

Randall and I had flew up to Boston from Charlotte for a long weekend, and we had met up with Tim, and his awesome wife, Lindsay. 🍻

Lindsay, Randall, Me & Tim
  • I miss nights out with friends.
  • If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out his podcast.
  • Take a lesson from my buddy Tim, and don’t forget to tell people how you much love them. He often references that on his podcast, as he signs off with “I love you guys”
  • On the other hand, if you don’t actually love someone, don’t tell them that you love them… especially if there’s like a proposal involved. Things could get weird. 🥴
  • Back on a serious note… far too often people that you think might be receiving praise, gratitude and support, and just overall “doing well”, often aren’t, and you never know how powerful your small act of kindness just might be. 🤗

Bye for now.

I love you all.

*quickly checks my 4 followers to make sure that’s accurate 😬

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