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What’s On Your Mind, Danielle?

I shared this via my personal Facebook page on Saturday morning. It felt like the first time in the past few weeks, where I truly had a moment to pause and try to process everything that has been going on.

As I went to post this, I realized that Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind, Danielle?” Well, since you asked:

On any given day, I (as I am sure many of you do) wake up not knowing what to expect, and what unexpected curveballs life might throw at me. Over the past few weeks, this has been top of mind and amplified more than ever before.

One day blends into the next, and while some hours seem to fly by, others seem to drag on and on. I’ve witnessed the lives of friends, family members and co-workers change in a blink of an eye. Loved ones lost, jobs taken away and trying to adjust to the new (hopefully temporary) norm, and what that looks like for each individual is a little different.

I’ve seen one extreme to the next. Individuals disregarding any recommendations of mandates provided by both their local or national government, and those that are literally paralyzed by the fear to dare to leave their homes in fear of their life or someone they love’s life.

Some people are busier than ever. Individuals who are now trying to work from home, as they simultaneously homeschool their three children and their partner has now also become their co-worker. Small business owners spending every single waking hour trying to save their business, and do anything possible to ensure they come out on the other side of this.

Workaholics that now have more free time on their hands than ever before, which could be a blessing, but when you are confined to your home, it can be quite challenging to see the sunshine through the clouds.

All of that being said, while I always try really hard to not judge a person, and give them the benefit of doubt, cause I never know what they are truly going through – I am truly trying to be that much more mindful during these unprecedented and strange times.

Most people are under so much stress, and it is so hard not to react when a comment that someone says to us, or that we see online, gets under our skin, but if we can pause for just a moment before lashing out, WE rise above and are better for it.

Similarly, before you attack a stranger, assume anything about someone’s life or make a decision that is solely based on you and you alone (not talking about taking some time for self care), maybe write it down rather than commenting on a post or call a friend or someone else that you can talk to get it off your chest rather than saying it to the person you might have said it to you.

A little kindness, empathy and love never hurt anyone. Oh, and a little (or a lot of) extra distance too.

Some days will be better than others. No matter how bad things are, there’s always some good – no matter how hard it can be to find it.

To all of my friends and family – I love you all and I am here, and always will be, for you. 


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