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She Get it From Her Mama


Although some things have changed since 9 year old Danielle wrote a biography on Jennifer Cote, there’s definitely some parts that remain the same… Hey, Mom, do you miss your van? Are you still subscribed to Family Fun?  Are there any Melrose Place reruns on?   Is your favorite age still 30 — if so, I better make the most out of my last 5 months before 31 hits.

One question that I have for 9 year old Danielle… “She is PROBABLY the most important person in my life.” Uhhh, who else was more important then OR now?!

I remember always thinking that once kids turned 18, parents were FREE.  I learned very very VERY quickly, upon hitting 18 that that is where things got even more REAL.  Now, at 30, I know that I will always be my Mom’s baby.  But, at some point, years ago, I started to not only look at my Mom as my mother, but my best friend.  I’ve inherited all of her qualities, the good and the bad (hey, just a few) and in return she gets to see me at my best, BUT often times at my absolute worst.  Hey, that’s what you get for giving me some bad things 😉


I am beyond grateful that I have such a special relationship with my Mom.  I know that not everyone can say the same and I never have and never will take it for granted.

Since I can’t be in North Carolina with you today because I’m too busy enjoying a 47 degree rainy May day (don’t you dare tell me I told you so), I will leave you with this… Just a reminder of some of the things that you’ve been lured into being a participant of… or a recipient of.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends, cousins, Aunts, two grandmothers and of course, Jennifer Cote.


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