Help Wanted


This will be a short and sweet post.  Looking for some suggestions and figured at least someone out there would have some good recommendations for the below.

  1.  SMS (Save My Skin) :: What’s your favorite brand / products?  I’ve picked up a bunch of random things over the past year and half or so.  Prior to that I had used a run through of Beauty Counter.  From what I remember, I really did like it.  Thinking of going back to that, but wanted to hear some other people’s faves!
  2. Mascara :: Plain and simple.  Length and volume.  The bigger the better.
  3. Restaurants in Rhode Island :: smoothies, desserts, pizza, vegan, anything goes.
  4. Restaurants in Massachusetts :: yeah, same idea. Willing to travel.  Let’s be serious, there’s nothing in Rhode Island or Massachusetts that is THAT far.

Oh, and consider these *bonus*

  1.  Favorite food products or recipes :: literally open to anything that you can think of.
  2.  Must watch movies or great Netflix finds :: I like it all… well, almost all.
  3.  Must read books 

Comment below or on the Facebook post, text me, call me, email me, write me a letter.

Alright now, not everybody all at once…



5 thoughts on “Help Wanted”

  1. 1. I’ve tried beauty counter, Arbonne, ole henrikson (from sephora) and I’m now doing rodan and fields and I am obsessed! Let me know if you have questions!

    2. Benefit bad gal absolutely my favorite one, always go back to it

    3/4 I can be of zero help

    Netflix: my new favorite is Elementary I’d never seen it before and it’s amazing 🙌🏻

    Must ready books, Jodi Picout anything she writes is really good!

    You caught me at bedtime when I txt, internet surf and Instagram 🤣

    Miss you and hope you’re great 😘

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  2. Cerave Facial Moisturizer is best thing ever! You can literally get it at Walgreens, CVS, nothing fancy.

    Bobbi Brown intensive skin supplement- it’s definitely on the expensive side but will last forever, since a few drops a day will do the job.

    Currently obsessed with Justin’s hazelnut butter spread over rice cakes and a few sliced strawberries on top. My go to breakfast-egg whites, spinach, tomatoes and lots of feta cheese on top.. ok I’m hungry now 🙂 hope I helped.

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