I’m Coming Home Again

In 2005, my sister and I hopped in my Mazda 626 to follow my Mom to the Carolinas.  There are certain parts of the trip that I remember like they were yesterday. North and South Carolina were an amazing place to say goodbye to my teens, live all ten years of my twenties and start the first couple of weeks of my thirties.

Just over eleven years later and I found myself loading up (or listening to my Mom explain to me how she loaded up) my Mazda 3 to head back up North.  On my drive up, I was thinking back on the ups and downs, laughter and tears and how some things are so different, yet other things still remain the same.  There’s been a lot of heartbreak, but still so so many reasons to remain incredibly grateful. I have met some of the most amazing people and learned more about myself and life than I could ever have imagined.  It’s been a wild ride and it’s not over yet.

The Carolinas will always hold a very very special place in my heart and perhaps a place that I may find myself calling home again. Until then, I am thrilled to have been able to bring my favorite thing (uh, person) about the South with me. I guess it’s safe to say I was seduced by a Southerner rather than just the South…and now it’s time to see how he likes living in the place that I’ve always still felt was home. This isn’t a new chapter….it’s a whole new book.



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