Dine, Play

Where did June go?

…and I’m not talking about my Aunt who is my godmother.

I blinked a few times and I found myself sitting on my bed on a Sunday night (hint: that’s right now).  Let’s see where we left off.

After I took class on the Saturday on Memorial Day weekend, I headed to Charlotte to spend some time with my parents.  I had been meaning to stop at the rest stop that’s in between Greenville and Charlotte to snag a pic…


Where’s Dorothy? I’m getting very sleepy.

…and it was a good thing I did because soon after all of the flowers were GONE.

Before we went out, I introduced my Dad to the face swap feature on Snapchat which turned in to quite a good time.  That night we went to one of the spots that they frequent and it wouldn’t be long before I found myself in a conga line, taking Baby Guinness shots and recording my Mom and I singing Salt ‘n Pepa. It’s hard to hang with them.  Luckily, I had my Mom to do damage control and make me breakfast in the morning 😉


Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.

Speaking of Snapchat, I have way too much fun sending my friends really dumb and annoying snaps.  You know, really important things like this:


Buzz’s girlfriend. Woof.

And then, it was National Donut Day, so clearly I had to make sure the office celebrated such an important holiday.


Courtesy of Krispy Kreme in Sparkle City.

Sometimes I consume things to balance out the donuts… I’m loving the acai bowl at Planet Smoothie.  I love it even more when they make too much and give me enough for a free refill.


Crazy Carnival bowl. 

I also branched out and tried Health Ade instead of my usual Kevita.  I didn’t want to get too crazy so I stuck to Cayenne Cleanse and Pink Lady Apple, both of which I ended up loving!

I also came across this very “useful” chart for all of my runners:


Speaking of donuts, my friend Kristyn also loves donuts (duh, who doesn’t?…actually a lot of people) and I finally got to see her and meet her little Princess.


Loved having a little babe at the barre for a bit. 


Obviously I had to turn it into a photo shoot.

I wish this was the last thing about donuts, but donuts will most likely make another appearance before the end of this point… The Donut Experiment which is across from Pure Barre Greenville had a S’mores special so I had to give it a try.


It was good, but not as good as I hoped it would be.  I think I would’ve preferred crumbled up graham crackers.  The Golden Grahams were a little too much crunch and overpowered the marshmallow and chocolate in my opinion.

Then, it was off to Massachusetts and Rhode Island to continue the baby tour and celebrate a Bride to Be!


Staying entertained on the plane taking selfies.

I also contemplated getting a Wurf Board. Oh, you don’t know what that is?


Wurfboardt. Wurfboardt.

I went to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle on Saturday night when I got into town.  The next day, it was off to the Bridal Shower…

Congrats, Lauren & Rakesh – can’t wait until August! 

Then, I was off to meet my little Prince Charming…and spend some time with his parents.

Chace Anthony!

The next day, I went to have lunch with cousin, Heather, and play with Madison.

❤ Madison Brooke ❤

I went by Nana’s house for a little bit after playing with Madison and then it was off to my grandparent’s house on my Dad’s side to meet up with some of that side of family and meet baby Faith…oh, and eat Papa Gino’s pizza.

I think we’ve already got a little diva on our hands…


No photos please.

Sassy. Angelic. RBF.

After all of the shaking hands and kissing babies, it was back down South for this gal.  I’ll fill you in on the Pittsburgh trip the next time around 😉

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