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Sunday Morning Ramblings

On Mother’s Day, I came across Your Taste Buds Will Explode When You Try These 15 South Carolina Doughnut Shops. After going through the list, I realized that Boiling Springs, SC was conveniently on my route to my parent’s house in Charlotte.

The writeup on Java Donuts & Bagels was short and sweet, “People hail this as one of the best doughnut shops you will find. They say they are “authentic”, “old-fashioned goodness”, and they just plain rock!” They have no website. No Facebook page. Nowhere to be found on Instagram. This made me want to go even more.


Located @ 1113 Springfield Road in Boiling Springs, SC .

I immediately put the donuts in my trunk and continued the drive to my parent’s house.




Last time my Mom and I got donuts, we got a full dozen…and I knew better than to do THAT again.  I opted for 1/2 a dozen + the lovely chocolate frosted thang (what the heck is it called?!). The sweet girl working then threw in another glazed donut and some donut holes free of charge. I tried every single kind and all were delicious.  The donuts reminded me of MJ Donuts (325 S Polk Street in Pineville, NC) in Charlotte.  Everything from the decor to the donuts to limited info online was similar.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend them for your classic donut fix!

I’ve been off my caffeine kick for quite some time.  I had cut caffeine out from November 2015 up until fairly recently.  I recently saw that Red Bull came out with a new “Summer Edition” – Kiwi Twist.  The last Summer Edition is now their all the time “Yellow Edition” – basically the Red Bull formerly known as Summer Edition *hello, Prince*. I was in love with the Summer Edition when it came out and finally caved to see what Kiwi Twist was all about.


And the verdict? Oh, c’mon, of course, I love it. It hasn’t made it’s way back into my life as an everyday thang, but it’s definitely making some appearances. We’re taking things slow.

I stayed in Charlotte the day after Mother’s Day so I could get my hair did.  I still haven’t been able to breakup with Kristy, even after being in Greenville for over a year. Before heading to get beautified I went across the street to take class from Michelle at Pure Barre Lake Norman.  Actually, even before that, I stopped into Clean Juice to down a smoothie and pick up some snacks for later.


Have you tried these before? They are hands down my favorite bars I’ve ever had.  And I have tried A LOT of bars.

After getting my hair done, I headed back over to see PBLKN to teach and visit with some of my faves!


Since I’m on the topic of teaching, I knew I was going to be teaching a class to the Prince playlist to some of my coworkers so I made sure to find appropriate attire when I was at my parent’s for Mother’s Day.


Oh, you don’t have outfits like this just hangin’ around?

I’m pretty sure my Mom has saved every dance costume that I have ever worn…and luckily this one still fit.

A few weeks ago I had purchased new headphones to make my running experience more enjoyable.  Last Saturday I went to Conestee Park, which is about 10 minutes away from where I live to go for a run.


Stopping for a moment to snap a pic.

The headphones are made by TaoTronics and I’m loving them so far. You can read all about them here.


They may not make me run faster, but definitely stay in the zone much longer.

 I’m heading home in a couple of weeks and can not wait to see my little babies…

Can’t wait to meet you Faith Samantha & Chase Anthony…and see you again Madison Brooke! 

❤ ❤ ❤

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