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Happy National Sibling Day!

“Your siblings are the only people in the world who know what it’s like to have been brought up the way you were.” — Betsy Cohen

I flew from New York to Charlotte yesterday and decided to go to my parent’s house before heading back to Greenville.  I had asked my Mom to pull out some old pictures of my sister and I so I would have a few to choose from for National Sibling Day.  Before I knew it, we went at least a couple of hours looking through old pictures.  By the time I finished, I didn’t have the brain power to post, so figured I would wait until today!


A lot of you probably had a similar look on your face this morning when you woke up and remembered it was Monday. Sometimes, you “literally can’t” even when you’re a toddler.  I’m not really sure what my hands are doing.


From time to time, we cleaned up a bit…and awkwardly stood on our (super green) front lawn. This was taken before my Uncle’s wedding.


All baby blue and white for Easter Sunday. If we have still any of these clothing items and I have a daughter, I guess baby girl will be wearing them to rep her Carolina Tarheel pride. Samantha was clearly not feeling this photo opp.


I’m sure Samantha was laughing at our Dad in this picture. I was probably whispering, “Hurry up and blow the candles out so I can eat cake.”


Just posing on a car.


Must’ve had a long day.


Again, not feeling the pic. Yes, this is good ole Myrtle Beach.


All up in her space taking a pic with my selfie stick.


I’m probably about to have a sugar rush. Baby Samantha straight chillin’.


Oh, ya know, just a little putt putt.


Last by not least… a visit with Santa.

Remember when you used to get pictures developed?  Maybe you still do, but I know a lot of people don’t…at least not as often as you used to. The above picture is clearly two photos that got merged together and this was the print that came out.  I kinda love it, because it looks like little Samantha is an angel. I mean don’t get me wrong little Samantha truly was a little angel (right, everyone? ha!)

Whether you have siblings or friends or cousins that are practically your siblings, hopefully you don’t wait until National Sibling Day to let them know how important they are to you. Celebrate and cherish all of the good (and bad) moments that you have together no matter how often you see them or what happens over the years.

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