Dine, Play, Pure Barre

Happy New Year!

Well, well, well…where do I even begin?  I guess I will start by saying Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a chance to relax over the holidays and spend time with family and friends.

Let’s rewind to November…yes, it’s been that long.

My parents came down for Thanksgiving and the four of us went to a late lunch at The Nose Dive and then headed to The Local Cue later on to watch football and play board games (Don’t Break the Ice, Chutes and Ladders, Penguin Pile Up, Let’s Go Fishin’, etc.) . Oh, and I can’t forget the most important part of the day – Mom showing me up with her hula hooping skills.

The day after Thanksgiving would’ve been my sister’s 23rd birthday. I can’t believe this is already the fifth Thanksgiving / birthday without her here.


Served with a side of tears. ;(

The next day, Randall and I went to Columbia for the USC vs. Clemson game. It was incredibly warm (I’m not complaining) and a perfect way to spend a work free Saturday.  I’ve finally gotten used to drinking beer, thanks to his job.


I miss taking pictures for the @redbullnc instagram. 

I had a lot of nutritious food that day – mini hot dogs, french fries and… cheetos.


I only ate them to show my Clemson pride.

No long day of tailgating would be complete, if you didn’t walk two miles back to your car to find it had been towed. Womp womp.

On December 5th, I decided to try to cut out caffeine (chocolate doesn’t count). Other than an emergency Red Bull on December 12th, I haven’t had any!

The second week of December, I flew up to Boston to lead a Training in Hingham, MA.  My second flight got delayed and I was stuck at the Newark airport for an extra 3+ hours.  However, I wasn’t too upset once I got situated with this sweet lil setup:


iPad Menu (order from it too!), outlet at each seat & awesome sushi. 

After Training each day I was lucky enough to see two of my best friends. On Friday, Christina and I went to dinner at Spoke Wine Bar.  On Saturday, Ashley and I went to dinner at Tavolino at Patriot’s Place.  It was so fantastic to see both of them.  WHY, didn’t we take any pictures?! We are the worst.

It’s finally starting to get cold here. Well, every once in a while.  This is probably the closet thing I will see to snow this year..


Car window on December 19th.

Tuesday the 22nd, was the last day that I would be in the office before the holidays.  On Tuesdays we have a class at noon, so it only made sense to dress like this:


 Red and green all the way.

When I got home that night, I was welcomed by this amazing gift from Katelyn and Katy. We have way too many work conversations with the help of Bitmojis…and any of my friends who have this app, know I’m basically obsessed.


Katelyn even photoshopped my bun to complete the bit.

My parents gave me an early Christmas present – Marley headphones.  I’ve been dying for a pair of headphones like this, so I was very very excited.


I just can’t get enough of ’em.

Speaking of not being able to get enough.  I got to meet my cousin’s little bundle of joy, Madison, on Christmas Eve.  It was love at first sight.


❤ ❤ ❤

And the other side of the family will welcome another little baby girl in just a few more months…


My little Mama to be.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, both sides of the family had a great time torturing each other by playing Beanboozled. What better way to say I love you than getting someone to eat jelly beans that could be any of the following flavors; dog food, rotten eggs, moldy cheese, skunk, grass, boogers and more!

My trip home was short, but I’ll be back again in February (can’t wait!!)… I headed back to Greenville for a few days, then took a day trip to Charlotte to go the Hip Hop Nutcracker with my Mom.  That night, my parents and I went to dinner at CO.  I loved CO when I lived in Charleston, so I was very happy that there is now one a little bit closer to me.

On New Year’s Eve I went out with my better half…


Goodbye, 2015. Hello, 2016.

Of course, a lot more has happened in the past month and half, but here’s a few highlights.  And to finish this post out… here’s my “Best Nine” Instagram posts:


(1) Popping bottles (2) Purple hair – I miss you! (3) Platform (4) Elfin’ (5) Pretending to join the circus (6) More Platform (7) Moved to Greenville (8) Barre in the Park in Nashville (9) Donuts 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2016 is off to a magnificent start.  My only new resolution is to let less time go by in between posts 😉 


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