Last Year of My 20s

I was really looking forward to my birthday this year so we could all successfully make it to the FUTURE.

I assumed I would be receiving a flying car as a birthday present.IMG_5292

When I walked into work on Wednesday, I was greeted by this lil guy on the top of my cubicle.  YES!


Thanks, Katelyn!

A few hours later, my Mom surprised me and showed up at the office with these:


Cupcrazed cupcakes are my absolute favorite. 

CupCrazed Cakery is located in Fort Mill, SC in Baxter Village.  My Mom and I went there for the first time last year, after reading about them on Yelp, They were on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. Before I dove into the box of sugar, we headed to grab lunch.


Should’ve reenacted this pic…and look at those GUNS!

Like most days, I ran out of time and decided to save the pinata bashing for the next day.  I made it home and then went to grab some food…


What’s a birthday celebration without some really healthy food?

Once 7:29pm hit, I realized we had officially made it to the future.


I’m so obsessed with the Bitmoji app. I think I use more bitmjois when I text than actual words.

On Thursday, it was time.


Am I close?

I laugh every time I watch this. 


Things started to get a little stressful…


…and then really intense.

Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. There’s so many things that happen on a daily basis that remind me how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life and clear my birthday is no exception.  The amount of love and well wishes is so appreciated!

After work on Friday, Randall and I headed to Atlanta. It was the first weekend in quite a while that we were both completely free.  We decided to go to Red Bull Soapbox Race and spend some time with friends that lived in Atlanta and those that would be heading there for the event.

On Friday, we went to Tongue & Groove.  The night (uh, morning) wouldn’t be complete without finding some late night snacks.  I have no shame or regrets that I had an entire Philly cheesesteak at 3:30am.


So great to see one of my fave girls, Andrea ❤ 

On Saturday morning, we headed to Red Bull Soapbox.  I was pretty excited to see some old coworkers.  The weather was absolutely perfect. You never really know what you’re going to get in October in the South, but we were blessed with a beautiful day for sure.


You can see the Starting Line way at the top of the hill if you look close!

…or why waste a beautiful day not being outside?


Just hangin’.

Saturday was quite the long day.  We were at Red Bull Soapbox from noon until 4pm. After that we headed to the after party at Masquerade for a few hours.  Eventually, made our way to Dark Horse Tavern to grab some food.  Then, back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the night.  We headed over to a house party for a few hours and then found ourselves at The Gold Room for the rest of the night.  The night wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make it back to Woody’s for another Philly cheesesteak.  Thank goodness I do not live near this place.


See you next time, Atlanta! 

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