I Just Blogged to Say I Love You

I’ve been going and going and going. There’s been a number of times over the past few weeks (since I last wrote) where I thought “Oh, I could write about this” or “how cool would this be to share”…and one thing or another lured me in the other direction.  Tonight, a light bulb went off.  I NEEDED to take the time to sit down, recap and gather my thoughts a bit. I’ve kind of (let’s be serious more than kind of) felt all over the place lately – both mentally and physically. I started to ponder what could help me feel a little more on track.  A number of things came to mind, ranking high on the list was getting back on track with writing.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
― Anaïs Nin

Just like photographs, the words that we write on paper (or type) allow us to relive all sorts of memories that can often be forgotten over time. For me, writing is definitely therapeutic.

Another thing I’ve really been missing is dance. I was looking at pictures from last year when I was in Austria with some amazing Red Bull coworkers competing against 15 other countries for the “Copa del Toro”. It was such an incredible experience. Actually, it was absolutely insane and exhausting due to my luck with flight delays and cancellations, but it was SO worth it because I was doing something I loved. I need to see if there is some type of dance class that is available in the area…pronto.

My workout “routine” has been slightly off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting my Pure Barre on and switching it up occasionally with other things – running, other classes, hiking, etc. I’m going to make it a priority to get things back where I want them to be again.

My food choices have been a little cray cray. I think I’m finally accepting (like right now) that balance and moderation is what works best for me. Complete elimination is not right for me. If it works for you, I literally bow down to you. Teach me your ways!

So, here’s the past three weeks in a nutshell… in no particular order:

  • A whole lotta working.
  • Teaching here and there. I’m definitely teaching more than when I first moved down here, which is great. I’m so lucky to have been welcomed onto the Pure Barre Greenville team. All of the teachers and clients are so great. I would really miss being a part of our studio if I wasn’t able to join the lovely ladies at August Road and Pelham Road.
  • Spent some time with the parents a bit in Charlotte.


A selfie with Mom to prove it.

  • Quality time with the boyfriend. A little pool time. A little shopping. A whole lot of movies. Some adult beverages. And exploring G-Vegas.


I thought individual bottles would limit consumption.


Pineapple Express Sangria: SKYY Pineapple, fresh lime juice, watermelon syrup, fresh pineapple and la Marca Prosecco.

  • Went to Charlotte to celebrate a friend’s birthday in which I practiced taking seflies:


I feel like an 18 year old snapchatter.

On a serious note…


Me and mah boo.


Kelly & I ❤ 

  • Went back to Charlotte the next weekend to celebrate another friend’s birthday. Somehow I have no pictures from that night. Other people took some, but their quality is questionable.  We were celebrating, Kelly, the lovely lil lady in the photo above.
  • Celebrated National Watermelon Day!


New at TJ’s Greenville. Tastes like summer.

As always, thank YOU for reading.

What do you do to decompress? Exercise? Clean? Massage? I’d love to hear.  Also, keep sending me recommendations for Greenville – food, nature, you name it! 

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