Dine, Play

Hey, Paciugo!

Happy (very belated) Father’s Day! I can’t imagine that there are many dads that read this, but hey if you’re out there here is your special shout out!  I saw this on Father’s Day and absolutely loved it…

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” – Umberto Eco

So true, right?

I always have great intentions to make my lunch the night before or make it in the morning before heading to work, but more often times than not, that just doesn’t happen. There’s not a ton of options within walking distance to the office, so I often find myself at the same ole places. Someone mentioned “Cafe Around the Corner” to me the other day…and let’s just say I fell in love.

The owner puts her heart and soul into the little cafe and uses high quality ingredients. So far, I’ve had four different sandwiches (different sides each time), a salad, a mini cupcake, black cherry mango cream sorbet and raw goat milks ice cream. Not all in one visit, relax.


Goat’s milk ice cream with cacao nibs, organic coconut flakes and hemp seeds.


Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Oh yeah, it’s vegan and gluten free.

Last Friday I flew out to Dallas so I could lead a training the next day. I had a late lunch / early dinner (is there a word for that?) at a place called Taco Diner. The two salsas were so delicious. Brisket tacos and a mango margarita surely didn’t disappoint either.


Feast for one.

After stuffing my face, I went to check in at my hotel, get some more work done and then rushed back over to the same area to take class at Pure Barre Dallas.  After taking class, I wasn’t starving (surprisingly) since I had ate at such an odd time so opted for some gelato. Real adult like rationale right?  The place was called Paciugo.  What’s paciugo mean?


Sounds perfect, right?

All I could think about was the song Hey, Pachuco from the movie, The Mask. No? Just me? Oh, ok.

After a long day of training, I went back to the hotel to shower and take a breather.  For dinner, I ended up across the street from Taco Diner at a placed called Mi Cocina. I just couldn’t get enough. Figured it was only right to compare the mango margaritas.  I couldn’t decide which was better.

IMG_4382   IMG_4381

Friday vs. Saturday.

My flight was really early on Sunday morning so no partying for this girl.  I made it back to Greenville (and home) by 11am so I still had the whole day ahead of me.  I headed to the pool for a few hours. It was actually really nice out and not humid.  After getting my bronze on, I went to Lake Conestee Nature Park to go exploring / running.  I saw an Instagram pic a while back of Conestee Mill and wanted to see it for myself. Here it is:


There was a HUGE turtle on a rock, but couldn’t get a good pic of it. Boo.

Once my man got back in town we decided to go get pizza down the street.


Ham & Pepperoni. Chicken, pesto & sundried tomatoes. Sangria.

Monday morning hit a little hard. I actually drank a Red Bull. Yep, you read that right. 😉 The weather was great on Monday so we decided to go check out a Greenville Drive game.  It was double header, but we could only make it in time for the second game. No complaints here.  I love going to sporting events, but can have a short attention span from time to time. With a view like this I surely was completely content.

Take me out to the ball game.

IMG_4405…and as the sun started to go down.

I’m off work on Friday and plan on taking off Monday.  Other than teaching Friday and Saturday morning, I have no set plans.  This is the first weekend that my boyfriend and I will both be in town since we have moved. Well, *might* be in town. Going to decide on that tomorrow.

What are you doing for 4th of July? Any favorite places in the Upstate area that we NEED to check out? What about favorite restaurants in Greenville?

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