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Hey, It’s Me Again

Where to begin, where to begin??

The last week and a half have been a little crazy to say the least, but I don’t mind one little bit.

This past Thursday I flew out to Houston and then headed about 30 minutes or so to The Woodlands. I was leading a training there on Friday and Saturday.

This is a little weird.

During my trip to Massachusetts the week before I had picked up, Stuart Scott’s Everyday I Fight. I could not put it down. I read some on my flight to Houston, a little bit more on Friday and Saturday night and then finished it right before I landed back in Charlotte. I highly recommend this book. It’s perfect. Good luck making through it with dry eyes. It’s impossible for this book to not make you FEEL so many different things.

“Once you start questioning the bad stuff that comes your way, you have to start questioning the good — and I wouldn’t trade the good for anything.” – Stuart Scott

My coworker, Katie, recommended that I try Hubbell & Hudson. It was right down the street from the studio and after a late breakfast and no lunch, I rushed on over there for dinner. After going on Friday, I went back again on Saturday. It was just too convenient and TOO good.  They have a “kitchen” location which is a relaxed, casual setting with so many options to pick from. Their “bistro” location gives you the full service dining experience.

 Story of my life.

The first day, I had the Cowboy Burger:

“Cowboy Style Sirloin Patty, Cheddar, Avocado, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Jalapeños, Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Challah Bun”

When in Texas.

I finished it off with Caramel Gelato. Go big or go home.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

The second day, I opted for the Scratch Chicken Parmesan:

“All-Natural Chicken Breast, House-Made Marinara, Whole Milk Mozzarella, Parmesan, Breadcrumbs, Basil Pesto”

The gelato was too fabulous to not have it again. This time, half Peanut Butter and half Chocolate.

Don’t worry, I balanced all of this off by going to Pure Healthy Eatery for breakfast both days.

The first day, I tried the Pure Pancakes (Oatmeal and banana pancakes, served with organic butter and organic syrup). Loved them. On the second day, I had the Avocado BLT sandwich (egg whites, bacon, tomatoes, onions, avocado, cheddar and lettuce) Both days I went with the Almond Joy smoothie. It had almond milk, banana, almond butter, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla and agave. Delicious.

Inspiring trainings, kick@$$ classes (thanks, Tina & Jaimee), awesome food, relaxation and an amazing book…What a great trip.

Until next time, Houston…

I made it back to Charlotte in time on Sunday to spend some time with my better half. We decided to go to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Thanks, to him, I’m quite the fan of the Marvel series. If we’re going to the movies, I always like to go to ones that make sense to see on the big screen. The movie was good, a little slow at certain points, but overall I’d recommend it if you’re a fan.

Movie was followed by dinner at Three Amigos. If you live in Charlotte and haven’t been you’re seriously missing out.

Don’t let it’s location or exterior lead you astray.

I’ve been a hot mess with eating habits over the past month. Like, a REAL hot mess. I decided this was my “Last Supper” so decided to keep up the go big mentality (thank you, Texas).

Enchiladas Mixtas: One enchilada jalisciences, one enchilada verde, one enchilada poblano & one enchilada.

Let’s be serious, I’m being slightly dramatic with the “Last Supper”. I’m planning to eat really well Monday through Thursday (similar to how I was eating on The 30 Clean….keep that as the foundation Friday through Sunday, but allow those three days to incorporate some choices that aren’t the best in the world. Balance baby.

Monday, it was back to Sparkle. Mondays also means “Michelle Mondays” aka wear orange for my lil warrior. Perfect time to get a smoothie from Health In Hands.

Carrot, Orange, Banana & Coconut Water

If you’re in the Lake Norman / Charlotte area THIS Friday, May 8th please go see my friends at Pure Barre Lake Norman. They are hosting a “Swab-a-Thon” with Be the Match Foundation. All of the details below.

The movers come next week to bring everything from Charlotte to Greenville. I’m definitely ready to get all settled in and situated. Until then I will remain a road warrior.

One more thing before I go… my friend Amelia shared this article the other day, and I’m kinda obsessed – Why I Gave Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island.

Oh… and Happy Cinco de Mayo. Didn’t have any time to participate in any festivities – I sure hope you did!

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