I Just Can’t Get Enough

It’s safe to say if I had the magicians that call themselves chefs / cooks that work at Luna’s Living Kitchen actually living in my kitchen I could be satisfied with a raw/vegan diet. Well, maybe not forever, but at least a decent amount of time.

I’ve never had anything from Luna’s that I didn’t like. I’m obsessed with their most recent menu item and have mentioned it at least once before. The Manicotti. It’s cashew basil “ricotta” and fresh zucchini noodles served with a light and flavorful marinara. The side is an argugula salad, but I subbed it today with their Kale Salad.

ManicottiSometimes, I just stare at pictures of food. For a little too long.

I’ve found a few recipes for cashew ricotta and I definitely plan to give it a try in the very near future. Not sure if I would be able to get my zucchini cut so perfectly, but let’s be serious, I’m not trying to impress anyone so if the dish isn’t pretty, that’s ok! The marinara is to die for. I don’t think I could ever recreate this heavenly sauce. Do you have a favorite marinara recipe?! Send it my way, please and thank you.

Today I had a realization that there’s a good chance that I’m going to have chocolate every single day. Rather than fighting it, feeling guilty or trying to change…Just accept it.  I’ve moved through the 5 Stages of Loss and Grief in record time. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Voila!

While I was waiting for my lunch at Luna’s today, I started to look at the juices and snacks in the fridge. Guiltless delights…right? Well well well, what do I spy with my little eye? A salted caramel brownie. Wait, what?! UGH! I was just talking about making the Dulce de Leche Brownies recipe that I had stumbled upon. Clearly I have no will power and had to get one.

“…and I can’t change, even if I wanted to, even if I tried…”

Ever had the Salted Caramel Brownie from Amelies? So, so good. This little raw vegan creation from Luna’s definitely did the trick for me. When rich chocolate, caramel and the perfect amount of salt meet… I fall in love. Hard.

The day before, my Mom and I went to Pure Pizza. Another place that I am in love with. It is located in the 7th Street Market (more on how much I love this concept/place in general on another day) in Uptown Charlotte. They have a second location opening next month on Central Avenue. If you haven’t checked it out, I HIGHLY recommend it.

They have three different crusts to choose from, all of which are made from 100% locally grown organic grains. The toppings are also organic and locally grown – the sauces are made from 100% organic California tomatoes – the cheeses from Wisconsin and North Carolina. To read the full details head on over to their website.

With salads, calzones, sandwiches and pizzas there’s something for everyone and any dietary need. Check out the full menu!

I had tried “Slap Yo Mama Lasagna” once before and figured since I was going with my Mom it only made sense to have it for a second time. It’s organic tomato sauce, Grande mozzarella, ricotta cheese, ground beef, onions, garlic and fresh herbs.

Pizza“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie / That’s amore”

It. Is. So. Delicious. I love that I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty after eating this pizza and it’s seriously one of, if not my favorite, pizza places to eat at.

I came across this gif the other day and watched it over and over again. I couldn’t stop laughing and needed to find out the story behind it immediately.

KidBasically me at least once a day.

Here’s the video:

I don’t know why I find this so entertaining. Hopefully you get a laugh out of it too.  That’s all I’ve got for now… Well, it wouldn’t feel right unless I left you with some type of quote or saying…

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