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Heaven on Earth

“Would you wanna know when you were gonna die?”


“But if you did…what would you do if you knew how long you had?”

“I would try and figure out how to be happy.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Maybe I will.”

We watched The Angriest Man in Brooklyn this afternoon. I’ve always been a big Robin Williams fan (Who isn’t?! You’ve got to at least like Aladdin!). It was particularly moving to see a film in which he plays a man who is mistakenly told he has 90 minutes to live by his doctor.

“l’m sorry this only came clear to me now that l’m dying, but…that’s how life rolls out. The only people who don’t look back with regret are idiots and psychopaths.”

Williams’ character starts to record a message for his son in case he dies before he makes it to him to apologize for their broken relationship. Clearly, I didn’t have dry eyes at this point in the film, but it doesn’t take much for the waterworks to turn on.

Upon searching for the quote from a conversation that Robin Williams’ character shares with Mila Kunis’ character and the one where he is filming a message for his son, I came across this quote from 1998, where he was asked about his thought on heaven:

“I think you just look at your own life and just realize what things are precious to you and that’s what I did when I was doing it. You know I would come home and just realize how extraordinary that you have Heaven in front of you.”

Before the movie started, I had found myself in a particularly irritable mood and couldn’t even figure out why. As always, I usually find something to quickly snap me back to reality and remember all that I should be grateful for.

It’s really easy to let life’s nuisances get in the way of all the wonderful things. When I get frustrated I try to start making a mental list of all things that keep me motivated, energized and ultimately light up my life. 

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” Think about the last time someone said thank you to you and they genuinely meant it. When someone waited those few extra moments to hold the door when you’ve already been struggling with the bag, water bottle, phone, keys and mail that you were carrying. How about when someone flashed a genuine smile for no reason at all. Asked how you were doing and the sincerity could almost be bottled up and saved forever… You never know if those little things that you are doing for others are making their day just as much as it’s done for you.

More little things that are often overlooked. Front row parking spots. Being able to carry all your groceries in all at once (even if you lose feeling in a couple fingers). Taking a fitness class from your favorite teacher. Being surprised with your favorite treat, flowers, handwritten note..whatever! A genuine compliment. Choosing the quick checkout line. Sunshine after days of rain. No traffic. Don’t forget to appreciate all of life’s “little” blessings.

My parents. They are tied in first place for the “Most Important Person in My Life”. I always use to think that something like this would go without saying. However, over the years, I’ve met a lot of people that don’t have amazing relationships with their parents. Luckily, I am fortunate to have a great relationship with both of mine. I’m even more grateful for the fact that they are both still here with me. In my eyes, they are as perfect as they come. I could go on for days and days as to all of the things I love about them, so I will save that for a separate post. 😉

My boyfriend. I’ve never been one to profess my love over social media or talk nonstop about my significant other. I do not choose to participate in the ever so popular #MCM (Man Crush Monday) on Instagram or post all of our biz-nass on the Book of Face, but he definitely gets the silver medal since my parents are tied with the gold.

You. If you’re reading this I know you’re a special part of my life. All of the friends, family, clients and coworkers I have currently and have had over the years are such amazing people.

So back to the beginning… most of us don’t know when our last day will be. However, most of us should live each day not only as if it is our last, but as if it’s the last day for all our loved ones too. I know it sounds cliche and a little dramatic, but hey most great things in life are.  When Williams’ character was told that not only it was his last day, but that he only had 90 minutes to live his priorities immediately switched. On the top of his list was getting to the people who meant the most to him and telling them how much he loved them.

As today comes to a close… were you happy with how today was spent? If not, what can you do tomorrow to make things better? Are you dreading tomorrow? What do you need to do to get to where you will look forward to tomorrow instead?

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  1. Thank you for this lovely piece about appreciation, gratitude and blessedness. I agree that even the front row parking spots and green lights are part of life’s little blessings. ❤

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