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So Fresh and So (30) Clean Clean

I knew I’d be back for more. After surviving 10 days with no sugar, another challenge conveniently fell into my lap – well into my inbox.  In exactly three weeks from today the two Pure Barre Lake Norman studios (Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC and Morrison Plantation in Mooresville, NC) have partnered with The 30 Clean for their 30 Clean™ Spring Break Challenge.

The description of this particular challenge:

If “Summer bodies are made in the Winter”… and “Abs are made in the kitchen”… then a clean eating challenge starting February 23rd is the perfect prequel to those Spring Vacations!

Did somebody say abs?


First, you choose between “Standard” and “Fit”:

Standard – “The 30 Clean is 30 days of real food and mindful eating. On our standard challenge all challengers eliminate gluten, dairy, grains, sugar, corn and soy.”
Fit – Holds you accountable for not only what you’re fueling your body with but provides physical challenges, workout accountability and goal setting.

Second, how fresh and so clean clean will you be?

The Original Clean – Eliminate everything that was listed, BUT you’re allowed two adult beverages a week (on the weekend) and real 80% dark chocolate (one square) three nights a week.
The Super Clean – You eliminate gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, sugar and anything artificial. You also eliminate alcohol and legumes (including peanuts).
The V Clean – This is the vegetarian and/or vegan option. There’s some wiggle room with organic dairy, gluten free grains and non-gmo soy.

After you register they send you an awesome Start Up Guide. There’s a lot of great stuff in there:
– Nutritional Guidelines
– Links to Resources & Cookbook Recommendations
– Foods to Avoid
– Foods to Enjoy
… and so much more

I opted to buy the “The 30 Clean 30-Day Meal Plan” that is available on their website. For me, I know I struggle with the whole planning component when it comes to eating healthy. It’s very tempting and convenient to stop and grab something from a restaurant or opt for something that takes me less time to prep. If it’s all laid out for me I know I’ll be setting myself up for success. Also, there’s a lot of variety which prevents me from getting bored.

There’s already over a dozen of us (teachers and clients) signed up to do this. I’m excited for us all to be able to take on this healthy lifestyle choice which will not only challenge us all mentally and physically, but really take our workouts to the next level.

BONUS: Right now you can use Promo Code “SUPERBOWL30” to get 10% off on your registration and any other purchases on their website. The code started yesterday and was good for 48 hours, so don’t wait!

Not a Pure Barre client? No problem. The more the merrier – if you have any questions or anything feel free to reach out to me. C’mon, what do you have to lose?

HungryHungry for REAL food that is 😉

So, whose with me?! 

5 thoughts on “So Fresh and So (30) Clean Clean”

      1. Yes, a little. Mostly about giving up the sugar and diet cokes, especially the diet cokes. 😁😳 oh how I love my diet coke!! Hmmm… On second thought, maybe I’m not so excited about it… 😜


    1. Me too! I almost want to start now rather than wait 20 more days lol, but don’t think I could do it for FIFTY days so need to chill out. I’m definitely a little nervous too. Excited you’re doing it.


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