Supa (Dupa Fly) Bowl Sunday

First and foremost, this was me when Missy Elliott took the stage:

CelebrateHow did I not know she was going to be performing?

In no particular order I need to go listen to:

1. Sock it to Me
2. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
3. Hot Boyz
4. One Minute Man
5. Work It
6. Pass That Dutch
7. Lose Control
8. I’m Really Hot
9. Ching-A-Ling
10. Gossip Folks

Reverse It

Because I like to see my family and friends happy, I’m pulling for the Patriots because the majority of them are all huge Pats fans. I’m just here for the food, commercials and half time show. And by “here” I mean sitting on my couch and by “food” I mean the super unhealthy food I went and got for Randall and I before the game started.

Speaking of healthy, I signed up to do The 30 Clean Spring Break Challenge. It starts on February 23rd. Since I will definitely do another post as it gets a little closer, I won’t get into it too much now. Head on over to their website to read all about it. If you’re interested in it and up for the challenge let me know. The two Pure Barre Lake Norman studios are partnering with them so we will have our own group. That way we can all inspire and motivate each other! Looks like I will be listening to a lot of Missy Elliott once that starts 😉

Yesterday, I taught our first (first for our studio) 90 Minute Intensive class. If you’ve ever been to a Pure Barre class before there was an extra 35 minutes of lifting, toning and burning incorporated throughout. The clients who came out totally rocked it – I’m sure they were feeling it today!

Today, I was down in Sparkle City (Spartanburg, SC) leading a training. I actually really enjoy my 75 minute drives down there. There’s no one on the road and I throw on a great Pandora station and I’m there before I know it. There’s something so calming and motivating about walking into the studio before everyone arrives for the day.


The drive back isn’t always *as* fun, but I’m not complaining. I love having the opportunity to meet people from all over the country that will be using their talents and passion to start teaching at a Pure Barre studio before they know it.

Well, that pretty much sums my weekend!

What did you think of the halftime show and commercials? Who are/were you rooting for? Did you do anything fun this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Supa (Dupa Fly) Bowl Sunday”

  1. Yes, I am so flipping sore in my seat, my back muscles, my abs and my hamstrings! However, I made it and I would definitely do it again! You are an awesome teacher even when I shot you that dirty look, you laughed and rolled with it!!! Looking forward to your support during the challenge! And yes I loved the fiat commercial, the Nissan commercial and of course the Budweiser commercial wins for me.

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    1. Haha! I should’ve looked up all your CDs – I was just going off the top of my head and then stopped at 10. I listened to the Missy Elliott Pandora station on the way to the studio this morning. 🙂


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