Time to Have Some Fun

A few days ago, one of my best friends made a comment about how she was surprised that I had never started a food blog. Coincidentally, she’s the lovely lady behind Hungry Meets Healthy so may know a thing or two about sharing her adventures with the world. I jokingly commented back that maybe I would start one – as a part of my New Year’s Resolution (just a little late). Then, I got to thinking… I’ve always loved telling friends and family about new products, restaurants, fitness classes or whatever my latest obsession might be. In the past, I always felt too busy with work to recap all of the great things I was encountering and experiencing on a daily basis. After switching things up a bit career wise this past August, I’ve found a little bit extra “free time” and figured I would put it to use.

So, I’ll give this a shot, start small and see where it takes me.

2 thoughts on “Time to Have Some Fun”

  1. i’m honored to be mentioned in your VERY FIRST POST! i know you’ll be a great blogger. i’ve got your grammar/typo back just like you’ve had mine for years. but i don’t anticipate ever having to correct you hahah. MUAH!


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