Little Words

Show up. Keep it Real. Inspire. Breathe. Getting back in a groove after taking six days off really gave me a run for my money. 🥴 And right around the corner, we’re starting a whole new chapter with pre-k, fall sports and more. 📚⚽️⚾️ Today, I did a virtual workout with some pretty special people,… Continue reading Little Words

Independence Day Ramblings

It’s more common, and I suppose human nature, to be more reactive than proactive. To make decisions based off on our own lived experiences. To not feel compelled to speak up for something unless it benefits us or someone close to us. I’d like to think that the vast majority of people don’t like having… Continue reading Independence Day Ramblings

Lights, Camera, Caption

I had intended to post on here the same day that I had posted on my personal IG account, but that clearly did not happen, so here we are! Our intent can be incredibly different from our impact. I spend a lot of time reading (and thinking) about the power of our words.  From a… Continue reading Lights, Camera, Caption

Happy Teacherversary

I taught my first Pure Barre class on October 16, 2011 in Charleston, SC, and it’s safe to say that I had no idea where it was going to take me. I had taken my first class a year and half before in Charlotte, NC. Even after just one class, I knew there was something… Continue reading Happy Teacherversary


I’ve been staring at this screen for quite some time.  Each year as this day approaches, I wonder what will come to mind, and what I could possibly write that could be much different than the previous year.  Regardless, I know nothing will ever fill the void of her absence.  Do I sit with the… Continue reading SJC


What I think about when I can’t sleep. 💤 💭 How could change not be necessary, when the systems and structures in our country were built by people to protect the people that looked and thought like them?  How could change not be necessary, when entire industries profit at the harm and expense of entire… Continue reading Ch-Ch-Changes

Bunny Chow

Happy first day of spring! I made this two years ago for Easter, and it was a huge hit. Let’s cut right to the chase, and get to what you need, and what you need to do with the goods, once you’ve got them. This was a bit of mashup of a few different recipes… Continue reading Bunny Chow


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